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Duas Of The Prophets And The Pious

Allah SWT Says I n The Quran: “Call upon Me, I will respond to you.” Dua is such an important part of being a believer, that our beloved Prophet PBUH equaled it to worship. That’s why, Allah SWT has given us examples of duas made by the Prophets and pious people PBUT in The Holy Quran. The Prophets PBUT were sent by Allah SWT as role models and the best examples for mankind. We emulate them by making dua during hardship and need, in order to achieve peace and success in our lives as well. I love to incorporate these extra duas when I need additional assistance or I am going through an extraneous circumstance. On days I can manage, I say these supplications alongside my other daily duas i.e. duas for protection, hardship, and my morning and evening duas. The Dua Of Prophet Adam A.S This is the first dua ever said by mankind. It was the dua of Prophet Adam A.S when he had committed his first sin and turned to Allah SWT in repentance. This is a helpful dua to say for istighfar