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Anasema Allaah: “Wala msikurubie zinaa hakika hiyo (zinaa) ni uchafu (mkubwa) na ni njia mbaya (kabisa).”  Israa: 32 Anasema Allaah Akiwakataza waja Wake zinaa na kutoikaribia. Kutoka kwa Ibn ‘Umar amesema, amesema Mtume (Swalla Allaahu ‘alayhi wasallam): “Zinaa inarithisha umaskini (Ufakiri), dhiki katika rizki, na maradhi mengi ni adhabu kwa ajili ya zinaa.

8 Reasons You Should NEVER Drink Water While Standing

It is not just about drinking 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and hydrated.  It matters in what position you have the water. Do you sit and drink water, or normally have it in passing, while standing? Some experts have uncovered that it is no old wives tale when the elders in the family ask you to sit down and then gulp your water. In fact, it is a gem of an advise that you had better heed to for a healthy living. "To make the most of the water we drink it is advised to sit down and have it in small sips than glug it down in a rush while standing. Here are some shocking scientific reasons that tell you the difference it makes to your body when you have your water standing as opposed to sitting down. 1. Standing and drinking water can cause arthritis This may come as a greater shock to you if you have been in a practice of drinking water in a standing position, for you may well be affected by arthritis later in life. By drinking water standing you disrupt t